Each part of the project is designed for your business


Lack of control of stock entry and exit in a warehouse and its storage flow ends up being one of the biggest problems that a company can have.

Furthermore, the execution of manual processes becomes limiting, especially due to the large volume of goods, lack of security such as unawareness of the profile of entry/exit/return of goods, and loss of agility.


The inventory management system has a dashboard panel for monitoring the allocation of distributed stocks, thus. This logistics system aims to manage all the logistics processes and operations that occur in a warehouse or distribution center.

This communication is carried out through APIs or APEX, enabling integration with systems in Web, Desktop Apps, ERPs, and/or mobile systems that read and collect data.

Each part of the project is designed for your business

Separation control, labeling and shipping;

Various indicators and reports;

Movement reports between addresses;

Check of volumes and products in the warehouses.

Receiving and checking of goods control;

Storage space allocation management;

Team productivity control;

Goods expiration control;

Inventory management by FIFO.

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Efficiency in inventory management

Receipt, checking and control of received items with the invoice; management of the entire warehouse and distribution center, adjusting processes as needed and causing positive and traceable impacts with these actions.

Agility in the movement of goods

Ability to perform activities quickly, efficiently and flexibly, optimizing the flow of materials and reducing order processing time and response time to meet urgent demands or changes in customer orders.

Better space allocation

Physical space and the availability of storage units in a warehouse or distribution center are crucial for logistics. The system streamlines and speeds up this process, accurately indicating the available spaces for storing new merchandise.

Higher team productivity

The system allows you to improve not only process management, but also employee tasks. Reducing the burden of repetitive tasks and reallocating to activities vital to the functioning of the logistics strategy.

Reduction of operational and logistical costs

The use of a dedicated system can help, as it considerably reduces costs with labor in tasks now automated. Thus, it decreases the error rate and suffers from less rework, which contributes to the reduction of expenses.

Master your stock with WMS!
Master your stock with WMS!
Master your stock with WMS!

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Material Input

Material Input

Material Input

Material input

Identification of material needs

Materials acquisition planning

receipt of materials

physical space allocation

purchase identification


incident opening

physical storage

Material Departure

Material Departure

Material Departure

issuance of tax documents


and labeling

material separation




Increased reliability of processes;

Prevention of losses with integrated logistics;

Reduced need for rework;

80% reduction in product separation time for shipping;

100% of results in optimizing product movement time;

Operational cost reduction;

Effective inventory control and team productivity control.

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