The company's equipment is complex, the current sensors on the machines collected a lot of data that were not properly analyzed due to the large quantity and lack of filtering. In addition, error and fault communication was impaired and there was no way to take quick actions to address demands without causing damage.


The system we have built using AWS cloud, ensuring high availability and scalability, allows an operational control center to receive automatic, real-time information from pumps and turbo-generators.

This IoT technology project monitors and collects data through sensors attached to pumps and turbo-generators that monitor the lifespan and alert about potential issues, with accurate analysis of water sanitation monitoring from the main suppliers in Brazil.

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Notification system;

Remote control over the equipment (from the web);

Failure notifications, anomalies, maintenance alerts;

History of parameters collected by the sensors;

Support ticket system;

Support, product, and service reports;

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Data Control and Storage

The system provides precise and real-time control of pumps and turbogenerators, enabling a 360-degree view of the working conditions of the equipment. We can use S3 (Simple Storage Service) for data storage, which is scalable and durable, allowing for multiple database backups and configuration file backups.

Assertive and Agile Monitoring

Allows you to know exactly the moment of failure to perform the replacement of parts based on the data generated by the sensors, avoiding that the failures cause major problems and enabling quick actions to expedite maintenance before running out of stock.

Facilidade na comunicação com a população 

No caso de resultados positivos, fornecimento de orientações claras e precisas sobre os próximos passos a serem tomados, assegurando que todos saibam como agir para proteger a si mesmos e aos outros.

Gain real-time control, predictive maintenance, and in-depth analysis to achieve excellence in your management.


Allowed monitoring equipment to operate submerged;

Reduced equipment maintenance time that signaled failures;

Avoids equipment maintenance downtime;

Avoid unnecessary stops in water supply;

Enabled greater control of pumps and turbo-generators in real time;

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