Paipe Outsourcing Service: what is it and what are the benefits?


Have you ever stopped to think how much time you invest in finding the ideal person to hire at your company? Or how much you need to invest in time, money, and effort to train and maintain internal workers? Not to mention the numerous labor processes available in the market. 

With that in mind, we have brought the best solution for you! At Paipe, our purpose is to transform lives and businesses. 


Outsourcing is nothing more than outsourcing functions and activities allocated to the client, through qualified professionals with the most varied and innovative technology skills in the market.  

In this work model, professionals perform their functions alongside the client, maintaining a close relationship with the processes and sectors available in each business.  

We have experienced professionals dedicated to efficiently solving problems - specialized in various programming languages, system analysis, and support. In addition to the sizing of squads according to your needs and commitment to delivery quality and assistance.

Companies seek this work model, which is on the rise in the market, for several reasons: 
46% to reduce operating costs through outsourcing;
34% aim to free up internal resources;
31% want to improve focus on business or the client;
28% are seeking acceleration and reorganization/transformation of the company;
22% want to accelerate a project;
15% seek access to management knowledge not available internally;
15% want to reduce time to market;

Source: Brandon Gaille Article 


  • Professional profiles aligned with the needs and culture of the client's company; 

  • Flexibility in scaling and volume of demands according to the client's needs and possibility of on-site or remote allocation; 

  • Support centers, mentors, and necessary support for professionals and clients;

  • Integration with development teams, and close and agile management to monitor professionals; 

  • Highly technical professionals, allocated with access to shared knowledge and Paipe's training and personal development programs; 

  • Squads sized and analyzed according to the client's needs and necessary technology.


  1. Expense Reduction
    No expenses for specialized training or other derivatives of hiring, no employment bond, allowing the company to reallocate this value to other more important areas.

  2. Specialized Assistance
    Teams with almost 20 years of know-how in the field of action, specialized in various platforms, who are constantly trained and updated to offer the best solutions.

  3. Cutting-Edge Technology
    We follow market trends to offer more advanced services, bringing the best in the market to meet the needs of our customers.

  4. Great Productivity Gain
    Our professionals are specialized in what they do. We frequently invest in tools, solutions, and training that help to continually improve service.

  5. Service Flexibility
    More flexibility in processes, easy adaptability to internal needs and the changes that constantly arise in the market, allowing demands from areas and partners to be met more quickly and with higher quality.

  6. Customer Support
    Total support from specialized support, offering personalized service. Service channels and technical visits aimed at ensuring and directly solving company productivity. 

Our most popular services

  • Business Analyst; 

  • Systems Analyst; 

  • Software Architect; 

  • Project Manager; 

  • UX/UI Design; 

  • Front-End Developer; 

  • Mobile Developer; 

  • Back-End Developer; 

  • FullStack Developer; 

  • Oracle Developer; 

  • Tester; 

  • Quality Analyst; 

  • DevOp. 

Step by step, to start the operation: 

  1. Diagnosis of the client's needs;

  2. Selection and allocation of ideal resources;

  3. Use of outsourcing resources + monitoring and support with the client; 

  4. Evaluation and feedback