Discover how Paipe revolutionized vehicle tracking with AI


The Paipe is a company focused on business and information technology solutions. We excel in service delivery and have a portfolio of innovative solutions as our main product/service, combining the client's business needs and requirements. 

We have a highly qualified team of collaborators and partner companies for the best design of these solutions. Thus, we develop business platform projects, mobile solutions, and other applications that involve the most modern market technologies. 

Many of our clients sought us out in search of solutions for existing problems. One of them presented a preliminary idea of a project that would work on actions related to data intelligence, artificial intelligence, and mathematical modeling. 

The first contact with this company was made by Marcelo Dannus, CEO of Paipe, together with our partners Rogério Nath, CEO of 4Show, and Prof. Rodrigo Dalla Vecchia. The project's scope was discussed and agreed upon in the initial stages, with a clear discussion of the client's needs, objectives, and expected results, mapping the entire process, opportunities, and client's aspirations, focusing on the main problem. 


It is a company with over 12 years of history that delivers connectivity solutions M2M/IoT throughout Brazil. It helps its clients achieve maximum communication potential between devices, serving various applications in various segments. Its purpose is to deliver the best Telecom experience for the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

One of its solutions is to ensure connectivity in tracking fleet vehicles for large logistics companies, which monitor and track trips in real time.


The challenge was to efficiently identify possible anomalies in transmission towers (antennas). When cargo vehicles go offline due to lack of mobile data, they become vulnerable to theft and losses. Therefore, keeping the SIM cards operational is vital for delivery companies.

Any previously occurred problems due to lack of connectivity were reported by the clients themselves. However, due to over 280 thousand antennas, this process became humanly impossible. Therefore, the project's goal was precisely to reverse this process. This allows the prediction of possible network failures for the company, which can inform the clients about the measures to be taken. This is what the client seeking Paipe was looking for. 


Based on this, Paipe, in co-creation with the client, generated a model fed back by the internal team of the company, allowing the sharing of information and knowledge from both sides. The project applies AI (artificial intelligence) with mathematical algorithms and machine learning concepts, to identify anomalies in signal transmission towers for SIM cards in real time.

The AI algorithm, linked to a dashboard, spends the whole day diagnosing the client company's network, learning with each incident, and warning in advance of possible failures. 

Main platform characteristics

“Today, with the technology we built, they know from minute to minute
what is going wrong, and they can already talk to the clients, assist, inform them that a problem is happening, and that they are taking all possible actions to solve it.” – Rodrigo Dalla Vecchia

In order for the algorithm to be able to make this quick reading, statistics techniques are used, together with machine learning techniques, and AI techniques, which help in making safe decisions.

One of the largest challenges of the project was to create a lightweight algorithm that could make this minute-by-minute delivery. Currently, the algorithm takes 20 to 30 seconds to run, whereas it previously took around two minutes, making the process much faster.

Among some information that the platform's dashboard presents are:

  • Map with locations where failures are occurring;  

  • Affected clients;  

  • The impact it generates;  

  • What are the operators;  

  • Number of antennas;  

  • If the problem is with the client and not with some antenna.  

Value proposition

This solution improves the level of service delivered to the client. In addition, the speed of data analysis represents a strong ability to deal with a large volume of data, which generates a lot of intelligence in this data.

For business, data is extremely valuable, but currently its analysis is what really generates value.

With excellence in delivery and always seeking the best solution for clients, Paipe has innovation as the secret of its success. That is why several companies have already sought Paipe in search of improvements and developments of new projects and products. We are a reference company for creative, innovative solutions, bringing to clients the most modern in technology market.