PAPERON: a practical and functional platform for managing schedule, teams, and projects


A Dad has always sought different ways for professionals and teams to simplify the management of journey, teams, and projects, making the day-to-day more simple and uncomplicated.

For some time, we have noticed the difficulty many companies have in monitoring projects, teams, and making predictive analyses of the costs and flows involved in a project.

That's why we decided to join forces with PaperOn. A platform that was born with the mission of being a solution for project management so that teams have more assertive results and has the purpose of simplifying project and team management worldwide.


Do you sometimes see that your company, your role as a project manager, or even your work as a freelancer are being affected by a lack of control in your management

Whether it's managing team hours, project costs, or even having to measure all these stages manually, wasting time that could be devoted to other demands?

Having various information from clients, your company, and your team scattered across different platforms, without centralization and without quick access to information can be very detrimental to a company!

This affects business management as a whole!