ConstruSystem: specialized management in the civil construction industry


Have you ever wondered how construction management can be more agile? Effective management in the construction industry requires managing the stages of all elements that make up a project.

For efficient administration, it is necessary to rely on some pillars to succeed, such as: planning, people management, risk management, and project management.

This work, when done without the support of a suitable platform, or manually, is very slow and prone to errors.

Finding a specialized platform in the field of construction is difficult, which is why our platform was developed with the assistance of industry experts. 

With this in mind, one of our clients, a company in the construction industry, established for over 40 years throughout the national territory, decided to elevate its administration with ConstruSystem, a Construction Management System.


Firstly, the challenge was to develop a platform that could cover management for construction and various demands and projects.

Such as the management of multiple construction sites at different stages simultaneously, cost and deadline management to complete projects within budget and schedule. We also needed to include fleet management through fuel control, machine and equipment movements, among other daily demands in the construction industry.


Therefore, we created a solution for automation and contract management for construction and asset management on works aimed at the construction and paving industry.

Bringing easy control of incurred costs, predicted costs, deadlines and quality, as well as material costs and working time, all in one place.

The system is structured in modules that include contract management, engineering and fleet management. It offers a Web application for data maintenance, contracts, and access, in addition to providing information for managers and a mobile application that allows real-time information collection at worksites.

Thus, the system was built with microservices architecture that allows for greater scalability as needed and offers contracting as SaaS and APIs with endpoints for integration with other applications.


As a result, our client showed zero reduction in problems receiving materials at worksites. Significant reduction in fuel waste with the implementation of traceability and fuel consumption control. And, of course, effective control of the use of PPE, ensuring that 100% of PPE is used properly, increasing worker safety and reducing the risk of accidents.