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Paipe is a business focused on information technology solutions. We have over 18 years of experience in solutions developed for the financial, commercial, export, logistics, and production areas of various market segments.

We excel in providing services and have a portfolio of innovative information technology solutions with a primary focus on the product/service, combining the customer's business needs and requirements.

In addition, we offer customized solutions created to meet the needs of industries, retailers, and distributors with an impact on the most critical areas of the company: sales, inventory, finance, and procurement. By using a combination of artificial intelligence models, such as machine learning and big data, we generate greater profitability by increasing revenue and reducing inventory, improving your business management.

Among our main market solutions, we have the Live Commerce digital platform 4Show.live, which brings together video, chat, and e-commerce in one place for product and service demonstration and sales.


The behavior of consumers has changed drastically due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we are experiencing a period of constant transformations, and businesses need to stay updated according to consumer behavior. Selling in the digital format has become essential for the survival of many companies. According to a survey conducted by Digital 2020, 71% of the Brazilian population is connected to the internet. Thus, storefronts have transitioned from physical to digital, such as a website or even a social network.

Online sales in Brazil continue to rise. According to a study conducted by Neotrust, in the first quarter of 2021, there were 78.5 million online purchases, a 57.4% increase compared to the same period last year. This generated a revenue of R$ 35.2 billion for e-commerce, a 72.2% increase compared to 2020. The categories that stood out the most were fashion and accessories, beauty, perfumes, and health.

Thus, through the digital market, purchases are made instantly, securely, and from anywhere in the world. Technologies are bringing companies closer to consumers.


A live commerce combines two practices that you already know well: live streams and shopping. This is a trend for online sales, already widely used in China and the USA. The activity has recently arrived in Brazil. The 4Show was born from the need exposed by the pandemic to create new forms of interaction between companies and customers.

Therefore, our platform provides greater interactivity with the public. It is a space where you can establish real-time dialogue with your customers. And they can also interact, sending “likes” and chatting with your sales team to ask questions and provide feedback. Meeting the needs of people is one of the differentials that has won over 4Show's customers.

The 4Show platform aims to make businesses more effective, connected to the product presentation, the need for human contact, and convenience when making payments. Join us for a new connected era!


We are a powerful channel for the sale of products and services, innovating by allowing interaction between suppliers and customers in a completely digital model, reducing commercial process costs.


Does your company do business with other companies as customers and suppliers? Then 4Show is the ideal platform for you. Increase your company's sales results with this new way of buying and selling!


4Show is also the solution for companies that directly serve the end consumer. Interact with your customers in a completely digital and secure model!


1st Step
You get in touch with us to choose your plan.

2nd Step
You decide with your team what is the best format: a previously recorded video or live broadcast.

3rd Step
The live stream is set to go live on a specific date and time or live.

4th Step
Invitations with the 4Show platform link are sent to customers by email and/or shared on social media.

5th Step
Hosts showcase their products and/or services while images of these items appear simultaneously on the screen.

6th Step
The customer taps on the images of the desired products to automatically add them to the shopping cart.

7th Step
The customer makes the purchase through the available e-commerce or another defined format, and can also automatically send the orders to the company's system, all through the 4Show platform.


It's video, live stream, chat, and e-commerce all in one place!

Your customers can interact, sending “likes” and chatting in real time with the sales team and representatives to resolve questions and provide feedback.

During the presentation of each product, photos appear on the screen for the customer to directly add their favorite items to the shopping cart.

You choose how long your videos will remain



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